One more length of string

Happy New Years Ladies!!!!
I know it’s been a while, I just wanted to touch base and let you know how I’m doing. Also I would love to hear back from you to see how you are!
so, with a new year, there comes new drive, new dreams, and a chance to start fresh. Lets take advantage of this fresh start and put God first in a completely new way! Lets learn how to crave God together. He does make all the difference in a new way to live. After all He is a New Beginning from our broken sin filled lives. I had a kind of funny realization the other day… It gave me something to ponder. When I over indulge in anything I am sinning. If I eat to much, spend to much, participate in activiites because it “feels good”.  Any time I put other activities first, food, play, shopping, domination, my children, my family. It is all putting my desires before God. BUT when I Love. There is no room for sin in Love. It is all God. funny enough I realized this while spending time with eric, thinking, wow, this is so good, it has to be sinful, BUT IT’S NOT!!! Its crazy I can love him all I want and be acting in God’s will, but if I eat a donut because I desire it, I am turning away from God and giving into my flesh.  I know, to much information.  but it’s soo true!!!
so I want to start a new session of made to crave!!! I don’t have a time set, I would love to know what works best for everyone. I can do wed-sat any time. we don’t even have to do it every week, it could be bi-monthly, and the inbetween weeks we could hang out for fellowship, I would like to wait until feb to get anything started, my girls have been sick almost the entire month of dec so we are taking some time to enjoy being healthy together. We could definatley use prayers for their health. They still have a cough that is lingering.  and we have a big birthday coming up soon for Iwa!! she will be turning 2, Jan 19. we are very excited for it. we are taking her and elli to the monteray bay aquarium to celebrate, and we’ll be getting iwa her very own twin size bed, which she is very VERY excited for. she cries almost every time we put her in her toddler bed.
We will be starting up our sunday night dinners again, I am thinking jan 22. It will be the kick off, and it will be a make shift birthday dinner for iwa. it won’t be anything big, no presents or anything, but we’ll sing happy birthday and have cake, no activities or anything big or fancy.
and update on me…. Craveing God. I reached my target weight in october, and bypassed it by 5 pounds by the end of the month. It has been probably the most trying journey so far, especially with how october ended up blowing up in our faces, let me tell you, not turning to food while I was depressed was such a break through, and definitely all God. He has really carried me through this journey.  I have successfully maintained the weight, it has been a challenge learning how to eat to maintain. I definatley don’t have it all figured out. but I know God does, and He’s taking care of it. I know if he can take me through this journey and succeed, then you will be able to survive this journey too.  I know what your thinking… “Linsey you didn’t have very far to go, and sure it was easy for you, but I’m different.”   that is so not true. My struggle is no less than your’s. I promise if you had a hidden camera and taped my eating habits a year ago you’d wonder how I was where I was. God has made this new life possible for me, and He wants to do it for you too. We are is children and He does love us and want the best for us. I think the trick is finding out how to get to the place to let him work. there is a book my mom gave me the year before eric and my journey converged, Its called the prayer of jabez for teens ( I was 18) and I was a agnostic, well I never really thought about it.  I had better things to do. but I read the book regardless, I was searching for something I just didn’t know what. this book explains the experience perfectly.  Jabez is in the old testiment, he has an entire verse –
                          And jabez called on the god of israel saying oh that you would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory that your
                        hand would be with me and that you would keep me from evil that I may not cause pain. so God granted him
                        what he requested.  1 chronicles 4:10
bare with me. you will get this: the beginning of the book starting page 1 ( it’s only 3 small paragraphs)
sometimes life seems to unwind like an enormous brown ball of string, Every morning you roll out of bed, pick up the string where you dropped it the night before- and off you go. Today seems pretty muchthe same as yesterday. One more day, one more length of string – and that big brown ball just keeps unwinding… But some days aren’t like that at all. they don’t unwind like string; they land like a brick. One thing happens and everything changes. It could be… a phone call, move to a new town, something someone says or does, a decision, an acident.  What ever it is, that one thing changes your life, maybe for the better, maybe not. It’s like you turned a corner and walked smack into a world you’ve never seen before. This books is about one little thing- a little prayer that will change your life. Sometimes I think of this praer as an invisible revolution because it starts so deep inside you. You change what you know; then you cnage how you think and feel; then you change what you ask god for and what you expect. it all feels so mysterious and out of sight… but then one day- zap! you look around(” hey did a brick just land around here?”) and you eralzie your life has changed, and it’s a whole lot better!
wow right… and you have to look in your bible for the verse, cause it’s in the middle of chronicles where they are listing geniology, so little jabez did something so signficant, yet seemingly small that he was worth recording.
so I am going to stop here, cause I feel I’ve gone over my short letter word count
I hope to hear from all of you, at least letting me know if you want to participate in the new session. and when would work best…  feel  free to pass on the info of the new session. everyone is welcome. I can even skpye in.
with love in christ,
also, I will be putting my info on my blog instead of sending out e-mails. so feel free to subscribe to get my 2 cents.

About Linsey

My name is Linsey, I have 2 daughters, Ellianna and Iwalani, and an amazing husband named Eric. My boutique, ELIs Blankies, has been open for almost 3 years. The first blanky I created was for my amazing daughter Ellianna, as I wanted her to have something one of a kind, and special from me, instead of something off a shelf that everyone else had. I re-purposed a blanket and created her most special compainion in her world. Since, I have made many blankies for many reason's. I mostly enjoy giving my blankets to those who are in need, but I also need to have a way to afford that passion. And to this blog, Recently I have had to say a lot of words that I wished never had to come out of my mouth, but I said them regardless. Here I am searching for confidence in my voice. I don't want to cower from truth, nor fight it, but stand firm upon Him.

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