I have a square and live in a circle??


I have a square but I live in a circle?


My family has been attending JTV in Livermore, and we have been going through a series called the Blessed Life. The 4th and final part is worth repeating. There is a lot of knowledge to be learned and wisdom to be passed on from the bible. (not me)

–          Salvation is easy… It’s a free gift to everyone.

  • Faith? Trust? This is not free. It must be earned and worked for.

You say, but I am doing everything right, and living how I am supposed to live. Where am I going wrong?  Well, either you are diluted, not living right, and justifying your actions, or it is all part of the “plan”. From my experience it’s generally a little of both.

So, this week we were given 9 points to live by, to whatever extent we wish. It’s kind of a get what you give scenario. I can’t help but think back to psalm 73 again. I really just need to make a page holding that psalm. It is helpful in so many situations. Point- just because someone has money and their life is “perfect” generally they wear a pretty good mask. Somewhere their American Dream is being washed away by the ocean.

  1. Think God first.
    1. Your first 10% of EVERYTHING right off the top goes straight to God’s storehouse (church)

i.      God is our partner. If you stop paying your partner at work, your partner will stop working… (paraphrased from Rich Dad Poor Dad)

  1. Think Manager
    1. It’s not mine, It’s God’s. The other 90% is His too; He just wants the 10% so we can show Him we trust Him.
    2. Think Master Debt
      1. Find a biblical view of debt.

i.      Food for thought:

We buy stuff we don’t need, with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like

In the bible Proverbs 22:7 and Romans 13:8 (if you want to know what it is… open your bible)

  1. Create space to pay down your debt
  2. Think Margin
    1. Live beneath your means

In the bible Leviticus 19: 9-10

  1. Create Margin: the difference between where I am to my limits

Insert here: I have a square but live in a circle

(it’s all about sharing)

Debt really just shows others how much greed or pride we have. It is amazing how impatient we have become. We have to have it NOW… no waiting, even if we don’t have the money or even make enough to cover the purchase. Oh how we covet our neighbors.

  1. We should buy assets not liabilities.

i.      Asset: somebody or something that is useful and contributes to the success of something; a property to which a value can be assigned

ii.      Liability: legal responsibility for something, especially costs or damages; something for which somebody is responsible, especially a debt; somebody who prevents a successful outcome or causes social embarrassment; all debts and other financial obligations that appear on a balance sheet

  1. Think Wait
    1. Wait before you buy. Pray FIRST.
    2. Is it need or greed?
    3. Think yourself
      1. Take the 2nd 10% and put it into savings!!!
      2. Think Knowledge is wealth

In the bible proverbs 3:13-18, 8:12-19

  1. Money can be wasted or stolen, homes burned, livelihood destroyed, but No one can ever take away your knowledge.
  2. Think Multi-generationally
    1. Owners are wasteful but managers aren’t because they know the money isn’t theirs.
    2. PREPARE: strive to get ahead of the curve
    3. Train your children
    4. Remember we can’t change our past, but God can redeem it, and teach us something useful from it.

I kept thinking there is absolutely no way I could ever prepare this much, plus for our theoretical grandkids? I have toddlers and barely live better than paycheck to pay check. But, nothing happens overnight. We can’t be expected to have enough money saved up to fully pay for our children to go to college, and have money set aside for them after they graduate so they can start their lives. You can’t expect this to happen overnight, but you can start striving for this life. I can do better.

  1. Think eternally
    1. Make your world bigger, Love someone you don’t know! God gives seed to the sower, so the sower and grow more. God will give us more as we use it for His purpose. This is where the trust comes from.

It’s all about having Godly principles.

The biggest lesson I have learned throughout made to crave (which I have learned sooo many) is every time I sacrifice or “just say no,” I am not denying myself, but choosing Jesus. When we are given choices, there is always one or the other. Every choice comes to either sin or grace. The in-between just isn’t there. So, I know every time I say NO to Chocolate, I am saying YES to Jesus!!! This rule applies to pretty much everything.



About Linsey

My name is Linsey, I have 2 daughters, Ellianna and Iwalani, and an amazing husband named Eric. My boutique, ELIs Blankies, has been open for almost 3 years. The first blanky I created was for my amazing daughter Ellianna, as I wanted her to have something one of a kind, and special from me, instead of something off a shelf that everyone else had. I re-purposed a blanket and created her most special compainion in her world. Since, I have made many blankies for many reason's. I mostly enjoy giving my blankets to those who are in need, but I also need to have a way to afford that passion. And to this blog, Recently I have had to say a lot of words that I wished never had to come out of my mouth, but I said them regardless. Here I am searching for confidence in my voice. I don't want to cower from truth, nor fight it, but stand firm upon Him.

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