My History: My name is Linsey Gjerstad. I have an amazing husband I have been married to for 8 interesting years. We have 2 little girls, Ellianna and Iwalani. We currently reside in Livermore, CA. We moved here last fall from Pearl City, HI, where we lived for 4 years due to the Navy. We have also lived in Virginia Beach, VA, Everett, WA, Port Orchard, WA, Silverdale, WA, and Branson, MO.

I started sewing when my husband whisked me away from my hometown of Branson, I went from full time working 19 year old to stay at home navy wife, so needless to say, I was very bored. My mom mailed me my first sewing machine that had been collecting dust in her closet for 10+ years. It was the kind of machine that was supposed to be “put” into a sewing table so the entire underside was exposed. To sew I would set it in the styrofoam it came in to keep it upright. I did that for about 6 years, when i finally bought myself a new sewing machine after Ellianna was born in 2007. For her, I created my first baby blanket. I wanted her to have something special and we couldn’t afford to buy the fancy blankets from the store, so I cut up a blanket I had made for myself and repurposed it for my precious baby girl. I was absolutely shocked it actually came out looking good. Then the trend just stuck.

A very dear friend of mine kept harassing me to make a blanket for her, this went on for months, she was offering to pay me and everything, but I kept on that I only create blankies for babies. Finally I gave in and we went fabric shopping. I created her blanket and was able to give it to her the day she had to leave the island to travel for her mother’s funeral. It was a blessing from God, He knew she would need something extra special to cling to.

 Her daughter, my favorite cheerleader, is the one who came up with my name. ELIs Blankies, which stands for Ellianna, Linsey, and Iwalani.

I have been blessed in amazing ways with creating my blankies. I have created for a special little girl in FL named Brianna, age 4, who is in a battle against cancer. I was able to bless a tiny baby boy born at, i believe, 24 months, while he was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.


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